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Hi, I am Burak, but all my friends have called me Pülüp since the early 1980s. 

I am from Montreal, although I have been living in Istanbul for some time. I have been on Instagram since May 2011. After posting quite a few graffiti, beer, and cat photos for about a year, I wanted to add more colour to my photos, and that is how I became an amateur Lego photographer.

Since then, I have been an avid Lego minifigures collector and currently have about 1,200 figures. I have been following most SIP photographers even before there was a group, although Edinburgh 2017 was the first time I met any of them personally.

I like attending toy safaris and I drag my wife with me wherever we get together. I prefer minimalism in my photos (read: not talented to build anything from scratch) and mostly shoot on the stinking streets of the city with some graffiti in the background and my minifigures in some muddy puddles (shhh, they believe they are sailing in a pond).

I carry my battery-powered Christmas lights with me, as I love bokeh backgrounds. I created the #30days30beers hashtag and have been doing this one-month challenge of posting photos of Lego with beer every year for the past decade. Outside photography, I read a lot of dystopian novels, listen to a lot of brand-new rock bands, and watch a lot of sports, particularly football (massive Chelsea fan).


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