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Hi, I am Ian from Liverpool.

I fell back in love with Lego about 10 years ago after building with my eldest son when he was going through his Lego phase, and originally started posting photos to share what I was building. On joining Instagram in 2012, I discovered how toy photography was an actual thing, and since then have made great friends through the Stuckinplastic community and enjoyed participating in our famous (or maybe infamous?) toy safari events in Stockholm, Edinburgh and at the Home of the Brick itself, Billund.

If you like the Classic Space themes, retro Lego or MOCs, then please check me out online, oh, and Space Cowboys, because everyone loves Space Cowboys…

Ohh, and if you can't get enough of me have a look at some of the images I got tagged in over the years. Some our mine, and some are, well about me. So to speak ...

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