• Time Machine

    Before we head into the future of 2023. Let us just head back to February 2022, and catch up on a wonderful set. Our friends over at the LEGO Group provided Chris with this futuristic time machine. And he certainly had the pleasure of shooting it out on location. Here are his thoughts about this …

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  • TGIF23

    The new TGIF23 challenge for 2023 is ready. The guiding principles are still very much the same as in 2022.On Monday morning we release the week’s theme and hashtag on our Discord server , and on Friday (Thank Godtfred It’s Friday) we announce the theme on Instagram and celebrate throughout the weekend the images we …

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  • Twenty Two in Review

    Well what a year Twenty Two has beenSo many things happened and so many photos seenIt’s now time to wRap up this tourAnd anticipate what’s next around the SiP door.But first we take a look with a roarviewAnd look back on Twenty Twenty Two January Twenty two kicked off with a manifest Sune put our thought …

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  • SiP Annual Xmas Card Exchange

    Well, October is the month of Pumpkins, bats, skeletons, and spooky things. Yet at the same time, we are already looking towards winter, Christmas… and our annual card exchange. Even though Christmas is more than two and a half months away, we have already started preparing this year’s card exchange. We have opened our registrations …

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  • Medieval Times

    Issue 38 Hello and Hola. Remember our dear friends over at HispaBrick. They have asked Stuck in Plastic again if we would like to provide the front cover of their bricktastic magazine. And of course we replied with a big YES! For those who may not be familiar, the HispaBrick magazine is full of wonderful …

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  • Welcome To The Office

    A Treasure Chest For Toy Photographers And welcome to Scranton, Pennsylvania. The LEGO Group has just released a new set (among many, many others that is). The one I’m writing about is 21336 The Office. It is based on a TV series (like 21319 Friends Central Perk Café, 21328 Seinfeld or 10291 Queer Eye Loft).  …

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  • Classic Space

    Hi , Chris here again with my last TGIF challenge of the month. I want to have some fun with a Lego theme that’s very close to my heart, Classic Space! I absolutely loved these sets as I child and I still do now! So to celebrate the new release of the revamped Galaxy Explorer …

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  • Urban Transport

    Good morning, Chris here again with a slight change of direction for this week’s TGIF challenge. With all the sunny summer themed shots we’ve been taking I’d like you take your mini figs away from the beaches and forests to shoot somewhere a little different. This week’s theme is “Urban Transport” It’s another simple theme …

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  • Extreme weather

    Coming out of the Summer theme, this week we are heading into a related topic.. weather, and not just any weather but with extreme weather! For this week’s challenge I’d like you to produce an image that shows some form of extreme weather. From heavy rain, snow, sleet and wind to a scorching hot day. …

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  • Summer

    After a great start to the month I want to keep the cool shots coming.. So for the second #SiPGoesTGIF challenge this August I have another simple straight forward theme…Summer! Yes I know we’ve already had Stefan’s wonderful Midsommar theme butwhile most of us are in the middle of it, I’d like you all to …

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