SiP goes Scotland - An art exhibition at Brick Live

SiP on Tour

At least once a year SiP organises or joins in a live event somewhere around the world and get's its tour bus rolling and its crew on the road. From the infamous LEGO conventions in Skærbæk over the green hills of Scotland or the 15 minutes walks in Paris and Cape Town, you will find some of the behind the scene photography in these galleries. One per event. In chronological order. If you are looking for the works shown at the different art exhibitions than take a look in our exhibition gallery.

And hopefully they inspire you to join us or work with us in one of your upcoming events.

We have organised the galleries into two sections. The galleries of the events itself, packed with a lot of behind the scenes and contributions from all participants. And in a separate section the  digital exhibitions of the art works shown at the event for you to enjoy as well. 

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